The Probus Club of St Annes-on-the-Sea

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Inaugural Address by President
Elfyn Gittins
at the Annual General Meeting,  29 March 2018

Many thanks for your confidence in electing me as your President for the coming year.

I would firstly like to take this opportunity of thanking Mike for his leadership over the last year and also for his additional role as Treasurer.

I joined Probus when we moved to the area in October 2011.  I had been invited to join Windermere Probus, however I was still very active as a National Park & National Trust Volunteer, plus a walking guide for a local Hotel, additionally they seemed a lot older than me, however I have now joined the club with no regrets whatsoever ( not only the Probus Club but the age Club as well).

As I look at the list of past Presidents I feel honoured and proud to be part of the history.  The Club was formed in 1971/72 and I noted that the first 2 Presidents had the title of ďSirĒ, I assume that this title was prior to their year as President, the Committee will shortly be considering special events to celebrate 50 years.

Our membership is just under 100 and it would be very satisfying if we could increase the membership to over 100, so can I ask each and every member to seek to invite new members, Iím sure that they will enjoy their involvement.

Geoff is already well advanced with next yearís Programme, and if itís anything like the last few years it will be very enjoyable.

Finally, Probus is your club and if there is anything that you consider would improve it, please speak to me or a member of the Committee.  Enjoy your holidays and we look forward to seeing everyone again in October.

Elfyn Gittins